Workshops and Events 2017


July School Holiday Art Workshops

Wed July 12th/Thurs July 13th      1.00-3.00pm

Individual workshops for children 5-12 years

$15 per child per session including materials

Registrations due: Friday July 7

Children’s afterschool art classes: Term 4

Wednesdays          3.30-4.20pm commencing October 18

Fridays                   3.30-4.20pm (returning students) commencing October 20

$8 per session incl. materials (9 week term $72); max 12 students per class

Teaching aims are twofold: to develop technique and handling of painting and drawing media, while providing an avenue for self-expression and self-esteem through the process itself.  Media covered include watercolour, acrylic, charcoal pencils, chalk and oil pastels, with occasional craft components.  Projects incorporate discovery of well-known artists and illustrators. Lessons experiment with styles such as impressionism and pointillism, as well as discovery of concepts such as perspective, colour mixing and transparency.  Sessions take place in the studio or occasionally outdoors for sketching of live animals or landscape.

Registrations due: October 12

Phone or email for further details

Adult painting workshops

3 day workshops provide the opportunity to complete a quality painting in an inspiring environment with step by step instruction and demonstration.   Some previous painting experimentation or artistic flair is an advantage, however colour mixing and technique are covered in detail.  Price guideline $120 plus materials.

Next workshop: TBC

1 day workshops offer a window into particular elements of painting, such as colour mixing or reflections, without the time commitment of a 3 day workshop.  Price guideline $60 plus materials.

Next workshop: TBC

Upcoming Events

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To register interest, or for further details on any of the above, please refer to the contacts page for contact information

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